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Get Featured on Entrepreneur

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I will write & publish a full-featured article on Entrepreneur. This will help you increase brand awareness and google presence of your brand as well as traffic boost to your site.

✅ High-quality article depending on your requirements (will be sent to you before publication)
✅ You will be receiving a full-featured article on Entrepreneur.com! The post will give you an SEO Boost!
✅ You will receive a permanent link that sticks, providing you the google presence and authority you have been looking for.

✅ Authority in Google
✅ Brand Awareness
✅ High DA and PA backlink from an authority site
✅ PageRank boost
✅ Boost in SEO
✅ 100% Indexed
✅ Permanent post and fast delivery

1 - Kindly send over the details before placing the order
2 - No gambling, porn, drugs-related URLs will be entertained.
3 - Message me for samples or further details.
4 - SEO Metrics may change with time.

1. Regarding the final version of the article, we need to finalize the same while in consultation with the editors (falls in post-hiring project scope). Editors may edit the content to some extent to fit in with the content guidelines.

2. The time needed for publication is 10-14 Days (post finalization of the content)

3. We will push the article to sites that are sister sites of Entrepreneur.com and consequently pitch the article to Entrepreneur.com editors for re-publication.

4. The total payment would split into 3 transactions. $2000 would be paid prior to order initiations, $2800 as soon as the article goes live and $1200 would be paid 30 days after the live link. If the article doesn't appear on Entrepreneur, client would be entitled to a full refund. There won't be any 'sponsored' or similar tags except 'This story originally appeared on xyz'. 

5. The article after finalization of the content can't be changed or asked to be modified including the fact that post-publication no changes can be made possible to be reflected.

6. No amount will be refunded once the article is live on Entrepreneur containing the client's details. 

7. Maintaining confidentiality regarding the project execution and associated strategy is highly appreciated and required.